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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Green Letter The Green Letter I have decided to create a green letter 's' . I picked this letter because I have an uncontrollable craving for money. In other words, the s stands forselfishness. What my color represents What my color represents The color green represents the greed I have for money. The white background represents the emptythoughts that come to mind aboutthe concequences of my actions. What my letter symbolizes What my letter symbolizes What my symbol represents What my symbol represents My letter 's' is in the shape ofa money sign. I chose this symbol because of my weaknessaround money. I felt weird and uncomfortable wearing the letter out in public.I tried to hide it underneath my clothes, but all of my attempts to conceal the letter failed.Eventually, people saw the letter and put a face of confusion.One woman asked me why i waswearing this letter, I responded with"I am wearing it so that i can completean assignment at school". The women thentold me that the s was stupid. This was actually a response that i was expecting. After this experience, I never want to wearthe letter ever again. Personal responses Data collection Red:Adults Yellow:Y.adults Green:Children How many people made rude coments/made insults how many people asked what theletter was for People who wanted to know what the collors/symbolsrepresent. From the collection of data thatI have, I can see that everyonehas different perspectives on my letter. Children made rude comments or insulted me. Youngadults wanted to know what my letter was for. and both young and old adultswanted to know what my colors represented.
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