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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Great War V.S. Germany, Austria,Hungry, Turkey Britain, France,Russia, ItalyJapan, USA Reasons for the War Militarism Imperialism Nationalism Alliances European countriesstarted to build uptheir armies, creatingnew technology for was People believed thattheir country was thebest and could not bewrong. They werealso more movatedto go to war. Austria and RussiaRussia and GermanyGermany and FranceGermany and Britian Technology in the War Before the war, the Europeans hadcolonies in Africa.During the war, there were somebattles in Africa. The countries in the war started to create new things for the war. They made submarines, for under water war.The developed toxic gas, which burned people's lungs, causing slow painful deaths in the trenches. The war wasfought in trenches, which were both good and bad. You were safe and protected in the trenches, but you were alsotrapped in the trenches. They couldn't flee, and when they charged out, they were shot down. Because of all the ]new technology, the war was more bloody and violent than all the other wars of history. Time Line The Numbers Country- Total Forces- Killed- Wounded- Missing Russia- 12,000,000- 1,700,000-4,950,000- 2,500,000Britian- 8,904,467- 908,371- 2,090,212- 191,652France- 8,410,000- 1,357,800- 4,266,000-537,000USA- 4,355,000- 116,516- 04,002- 4,500 June 28, 1914- Francis Ferdinand assassinatedJuly 5, 1914- William 2nd supports AustriaJuly 28, 1914- Austria declares on SerbiaAugusts 1 1914- Germany declares on RussiaAugust 3, 1914- Germany declares on FranceAugust 4, 1914- Britain declares on GermanyOctober 29, 1914- Trench Warfare starts to dominateMay 7, 1915- "Lusitania" sunk by GermanMay 23, 1915- Italy declares on Germany/ AustriaSeptember 25, 1915- Battle of LoosFebruary 21, 1916- Battle of VerdunMay 31, 1916- Battle of JutlandAugust 10, 1916- First mass use of Tanks at SommeApril 6, 1917- USA declares on GermanyJuly 31, 1917- Third Battle of YpresDecember 5, 1917- Armistice between Germany and SussiaOctober 30, 1918- Turkey made peaceNovember 3, 1918- Austria made peaceNovember 9, 1918- William 2nd abdicatedNovember 11, 1918- War officially over. Germany signed 4 years of fightingLast US veteran- Frank Buckles, died in 2011 at 110Over 8 million horses killed Other Numbers Weapons Used Rifle- 15 bullets/sec. 1,400 rangeMachine Gun- 4 to 6 men, flat surface. Worth 100 gunsGas- Ypres 1915. Burns lungs, eyes, exc.Zeppelin- blimp, used for bombs, easy to shoot downTank- carry 3 men, 3 mph, not cross trenchPlanes- bombs, spying, and fightingTorpedo- Used in subs. Started war with US
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