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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Gaspee Raiders Emma Sewell After the British began enforcing trade laws and preventing smuggling, the Rhode Islanders reacted by running the British ship, the Gaspee, aground and leaving it to burn as an act of defiance. 19, 1765 10 June RI RHODEISLAND The Gaspee Raiders The people who sunk a British shipcalled the "Gaspee". Rhode Islanders attacked the Gaspee as an act of defience against the British. The British were outraged. They began sending suspects to England for trials. The British taxed the colonists because they needed money to pay the war debtsleftover from the French and Indian War. They began enforcing trade regulations and watching smuggling closely, which upset the Rhode Islanders. Rhode Islanders boarded the Hannah to attack the Gaspee Earning them the name.... The Gaspee Raiders Gaspee The British Parliament was outraged and the captain of the Gaspee,was charged for illegally seizing goods. Lt. William Dudingston, NO arrests were made on the Rhode Islanders, but many trials were held 1772 Who were the Gaspee Raiders?