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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 New Jersey Is where you need to be. Has approximately 7419 square miles Has plenty of space. The first settlers came to New Jersey in 1664. The colony was split into 2 sections because of a religious conflict Come on down! Grow into the Garden State Grow into the Garden State This the perfect placefor farmers. The most common exports wereCattle, Flax, Indian corn,wheat, flour. Hemp, grains, and vegetableswere grown there. The trees grown there wereapple, pear, cherry, and peach. Bring your jacket! It becomes cold in the winter. The coldest temperature ever is -34 degrees fahrenheit. The Duke of Yorkgave a grant to SirGeorge Carteret and John Berkley.They split the colonyin to two parts. The west for Berkley andthe East Carteret. Bring your friends! 1664 Founding The First Settlers Geography ln. Political and Social Relations Economic Ct. The Art and Academic Wall There are 4 regions the atlantic, the mountain, the piedmont, and the highlands. Other than farming industry many people worked in the fabric and iron industry. There were a lot of religious based towns. For example Quakertown grouped all the Quakers together. Many different religions came to NewJersey. Some examples are Lutheran, Quaker,Jewish and Catholic people came. Religious Park Have Fun! All the settlements were democraticand mostly everyone had a slave. During Colonial times the Swedes, the Dutch, the British, and the Finnscame to New Jersey. The Caucasian land owners elected political officials New Jersey andthe representative legislatures had the power to increase and/or decrease the tax rate. They also funded the first college. (princeton) All the big companies tried to monopolies the government.The government didn't have many ships to export goods so their port was weak There were painters, writers,and architects. There weren'tmany architects. The painterswere Charles Wilson & BenjaminWest. The writers were BenjaminFranklin, Philip Frenuae, and Thomas Paine. There weren't many schools, but the schools that were there were run by the church. Bring your shovels! See You in Jersey! Economic Ct.
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