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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The French Revolution TheHaitianRevolution Unfair treatment revolt wanted... say in government higher social status higher political representation fair taxes wanted... freedom for all slaves independence from France 90% 97% Reign of Terror vs. torturings revolutionists made up themajority of the population 40,000 Monarchy Dictatorship Slave Colony Black Republic “[The ThirdEstate] isladen withall theburdens whichthe privilegedclasses refuseto carry. Dowe give theThird Estatecredit for this?"-EmmanuelJosephSieyes people killed by guillotine 24,000 of 40,000 whitemen weretorturedand killed the bloody Reign of Terror, a 10 monthperiod in which suspected enemies ofthe revolution were guillotined by thethousands" They wereinnocent men,fathers offamilies, who hadbeen torn from thearms of their wivesand children. Allthese persons hadshed their blood topreserve the colonyto France"-Toussaint L'Overture led by Maxmilien Robespierre 1789-1799 1791-1804 1st Estate 2nd Estate 3rd Estate free slaves led by Toussaint L'Overture The Third Estaterevolted Slaves revolted Napoleon Bonaparte takes over Saint Domingue gains independencefrom France Many slaves, and some escaped slaves,plotted the first rebellious attack byburning down almost all the plantations onthe island. Groups of middle class men and women stormedthe Bastille prison for weapons andgunpowder. This marked the first physical actof the French Revolution.
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