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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 French The French and Mexican Revolutions have many similarities, but also many differences Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Mexican The French vs. The Mexican Revolutions First Estate Second Estate Third Estate Time Period: Time Period: Separation of Classes: The Estates General System 1789-1799 1810-1821 -The first estate consists of 1% of the population but owns 10% of the land-The second estate is 2% of the French population, but owns 35% of the land-The third estate is made up of the middle class, peasants, city workers. They make up 97% of the French population but only own 55% of land Separation of Classes: Mexicans & Mestizos Crillos Native Europeans "The Revolution came from them -- the middle class" (Document 4). Native Europeans = people who came straight from SpainCrillos = Spaniards who were born in Mexico (over time this new class formed)Mexicans & Mestizos = Natives of Mexico and mixed people Who Revolted? Who Revolted? "...most plots to end Spanish Rule were devised by Mexican-born Spaniards, or criollos" ( Both revolutions were powered by the middle class. Why did they Revolt? Why did they Revolt? Arthur Young, a traveler in France from 1787-1789, makes many observations through his travels.-"Lands held by the nobility are taxed very little. Lands held by commoners are taxed heavily" (document 1).- "The poor people seem very poor indeed... the price of bread has risen above people's ability to pay. This causes great misery" (document 1).- A poor woman complains to Young, "The tailles... are crushing us" (document 1) The third estate had many disadvantages compared to the first and second estates. The 'cashiers' are a list of grievances from the third estate. Some complaints on this list include:-"That the taille [a tax on land] be borne equally by all classes" (document 3).-"...votes in the assembly should be taken by head" (document 3) Racial boundries Many people of the lower classes did not have civil rights. People were being used as slaves. The people of Mexico wanted to be free from Spain's rule. They decided to revolt when Spain was at a weak point because the king fled since Napoleon attacked. How did they organize? How did they organize? After the Revolution, France fell into power of Napoleon Bonaparte. He ruled France and gained much land and power, but eventually became imperialistic. After a big defeat, he was exiled and the Congress of Vienna returned France to Old Order under a Bourbon King. Hernan Cortez led the first revolt. Father Hidalgo organized the Mexican revolution. He gave the inspiring cry of Dolores which called for "the redistribution of land and a concept that the criollos earlier plans had deliberately omitted: racial equality" ( The third estate mainly organized the revolution. The middle class got so fed up with the inequality they faced. Influenced by the American Revolution and the Enlightenment ideas, the third estate took the revolution in their own hands. Later, the Nationals Assembly helped direct the revolution. Juan de Aldama describes the event "there were gathered more than six hundred men on foot and horseback for it was Sunday and they had come to Mass from the nearby Ranches, and the cura exhorted them to join him and help him defend the Kingdom because they [Yermo, Aguirre, et al.] wanted to turn it over to the French: that now oppression had reached an end: that there was no longer any tribute: that those who enlisted with horses and Arms would be paid a peso daily, and those on foot four reales." Aldama added that "the delivery of the Kingdom to the French was nothing more than a pretext for a very opposite end" ( The government was over thrown when Napoleon attacked Spain, and the king fled. Spain was weak and the Mexican Revolution began. The Spain government didnot respond by trying to take over again. Instead, Napoleon tried to take control. How did the people overthrow the government? How did the people overthrow the government? The absolute monarchy in France was over thrown when the bold move was made to behead the king and queen of France.The government could notrespond because they were dead. How was the government the same or different following the Revolution? How was the government the same or different following the Revolution? Agustín de Iturbide was the first emperor after Mexico's won independence from Spain. Later, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna assumed presidency. The country was divided between Liberalism and Conservatism. Sources: Others: Secondary: Primary: -DBQ10:Causes of the French Revolution (Document 1&3) 10: Causes of the French Revolution (Document 2 &4) Honors Modern World History Notes
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