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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fight Club Meet Tyler: business man (sells soap), at airport, protagonist thinks Tyler is really cool "most interesting single-serve friend" Protagonist's apartment completely destroyed by fire calls Tyler, go to a bar At the bar, after drinks, the protagonist and Tyler start punching each other as hard as they can in the bar parking lot. Three men come out, and Fight Club is born; every Saturday evening, men come and fight in the parking lot At Tyler's house, the audience learns more about Tyler. Fight Club moves locations, rules are made, and members grow to large masses. Marla become involved with Tyler, but still seems to have feelings for the protagonist. The protagonist and Tyler go dumpster diving in order to attain chemicals for their "soap production company." First rule of Fight Club--Don't talk about Fight Club Tyler challenges the men in fight club to pick a fight and lose it ashe beats himself up. Tyler tells the protagonist that he needs to "stop trying to controleverything and just let go" right before they crash the car. Tyler and the protagonist talk as the protagonist falls asleep The protagonist cannot find Tyler and must deal with the men in Project Mayhem. The protagonist becomes aware of another organization that Tyler began without his knowledge. It is a radical group that commits crimes for the greater good--Project Mayhem. "Where is Tyler""Sir, remember, third rule, no names""No, tell me, where is Tyler? . . . Am I Tyler?""Sir, is this a test?"
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