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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Be aware of who surrounds you and be careful who you trust because you never know who might be watching and listening Objective Summary: Eli wants to know who his family can trust and for him and his brother to inherit the company ,but their father's former partner still wants control of the company at all cost. So Eli eventually gets a hold of the de-aging gun, pulls the trigger on his father and gets his family way safely. The protagonist, Eli, and the antagonist, Phil / the outside world or media, support the theme because the antagonist are trying to control and get involved in the protagonist life because of his story and what has happened in his past, relating to the theme. Setting: The setting of this book takes place after Eli and his family escapes the compound, with the help of Eddy, while being held captive by their father for 6 years. This supports the theme because everyone is trying to get involved and figure out what all happened during this incident. Which relates to the theme by being careful of who is around you and who is paying attention. Character: THE FALLOUT S.A. BODEEN Theme: Plot: The beginning of the story relates to the theme by Eli feeling like he and his family are being watched everywhere they go. The climax relates to the theme by being aware of who surrounds you(when Eli pullstrigger of the de-ageing gun on his father) The end of of the book or the resolution relates to the theme byif you are smart and aware of your surroundings or thepeople who surround you, you can "come out on top" or out smart the enemy. (When Eli eventually blows up the lab on the island.)
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