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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Denny War I The Great Delight Quote Analysis The Joy Didn't Last Long It's Not Over Yet The Fall of Denny Double Journal Entry Introduction to Denny The Art of Racing in The Rain When Denny is first introduced, he is shown as confident and simple. The two most important things in Denny's life were his racing career and his dog, Enzo. He had yet to receive an opportunity to help his racing career. by Sarah HeatonNov. 29, 2014Block 2 The Evolution of Denny Denny meets Eve and becomes the happiest that he has ever been. Theirrelationship quickly turns to marriage.Then, a short while later, Eve gives birth to Zoë. Denny is over the moon,it seems like nothing could ruin his happiness. Soon after, Denny's life goes downhill.His entire world comes crashing downaround him and his joy quickly slips away. Denny loses everything thereis to be happy about, but he is still in a pretty neutral state of mind until things do start to seem hopeless. Denny fights, not ready to give uphis daughter. He shows a strong will and plenty of confidence. Hewill do whatever it takes to keep his daughter whom he loves dearly. The struggle starts to cause wearon Denny. He loses so much ofhis will from the constant battle.Denny was ready to give up andsettle for whatever he could get.Denny has reached his lowestpoint throughout the entire story. After Enzo managed to stop Denny from agreeing to settle forpartial custody, Denny regainshis will to prevail. He is as strongas he was when the battle began.Once again, nothing can stop Denny in his quest to gain fullcustody of Zoë. "'Where's Zoe?' he demanded. Mark Fein dug his heel into the pavement. 'They got to her before I could,' he said. 'The timing on this was not an accident.'"This quote is from a conversation between Mike and Denny as they discuss Zoë's situation during the lawsuit. The Twins' biggest argument as to why they should keep Zoë is because it's supposed to be a better uprising for Zoë. Although they may have good intentions as far as they know, they are doing more harm than good for Zoë. Keeping Zoë from her fatherand giving her an unstable childhood is exactly what won't help her grow up happier. "'What the f*** is this all about, Dennis?' Mark demanded on the street corner.'It's nothing,' Denny said, uninterested in the conversation.'The f*** it is! A fifteen year old? Dennis! The f*** it'snothing!''She's lying.''Is she? Did you have intercourse with this girl?''No.''Did you penetrate any of her orifaces with your genitalsor any other object?'Denny stared at Mark Fein and refused to answer."(199)Denny didn't have an appreciation for drama. His dream appeared to be a typical family to love, with a successful racing career on the side. When things start to get worse than they already were, he seemed like he just wanted it to be over. He didn't like thinking or talking about his dramatic life. Denny's disinterest in discussing this shows how fed up he is with his inability to lead a simply life. He doesn't have a high tolerance for drama, but he loves excitement. All Denny wants is to take his daughter, continue to race cars, and try to forget everything that happened.
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