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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE ENEMY double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. CHARLIE HIGSON Charlie Higson makes a lot of other horror books. He also makes mystery books too. Made by: Madison Murphy The story takes place in London, a year after a worldwide sickness has infected all of the adults, turning them into voracious, cannibalistic, zombie-like creatures. The surviving children have formed a number of groups throughout England in order to better combat the threat posed by the adults and to increase their odds of survival. Several children have made a base within the confines of a Waitrose supermarket. Led by a boy named Arran and his second-in-command, Maxie, the group has grown increasingly frustrated about children's being kidnapped and killed by infected adults. The adults are becoming smarter; consequently, the children are being picked off more frequently. A scavenger party, composed of Arran, Achilleus, Ollie, Freak, and Deke, becomes trapped by infected adults while exploring a building. During the ensuing fight, Deke is killed, and Arran is bitten by an adult female zombie he thinks might have been his mother. The bite sickens him, and the group only just manages to escape. Sam - A nine-year-old boy in the Waitrose group, Ella's brother, and a main character in the novel. Early on, he becomes separated from the group after being kidnapped by adults. He escapes and discovers adults who do not seem to affected by the disease but still eat children. Again, he escapes and meets a new group of children at the Tower of London.
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