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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Elite America Singer is in the top six for the Selection. She has made it to theElite. Her love for Maxon is growing daily. butwith her past love Aspen in the palace her feelings for who she truly loves are scattered.The only way she figures out her true feelingsis by telling each of them how she feels. Characters Plot Setting America Singer knows her feelingsfor Maxon are strong. She also knowsthat she still has feelings for Aspen.She asks Maxon for time to figure out her feelings.She also asks this of Aspen. The two menhave great feelings for her, and want her to make a decision. America is faced with many challengesthat make her question her love for either of them.She makes a big mistake on national television by suggesting the end of the castes. King Clarkson almostkicks her out. Maxon saves her, and she realizes howdeep her feelings run for him. She decides to choose Maxon,and feels it even more when she opens up to him. The Elite is set in the future at thepalace. In the book America is taken overby China. Gregory Illea knew the countrywas about to crash. He created the systemof castes. Maxon is the prince of Illea. America is competing with other girlsto become Maxon's wife. America wanted to know her truefeelings, but she loved both Aspenand Maxon. So she told them her true feelings, and understood themdeeper herself. Objective Summary Theme: If you open up about your feelings to the people you love, you understand the feelings deep inside you.
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