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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Effect of Social Media on Business Dynamic #digitalcommunications Platforms have changed the nature of business communication, favoringpersonal engagement and visualcontent over traditional marketing. MARKET SIZE NUMBERS report heightenedcustomer engagement (60%) Facebook and Twitter are the most popular channels for business, and around a quarter of companies are currently managing more than one account on each. 1 in 5 businesses PROS CONS 20B see a rise in sales from social media (65%) Your social pages help establish your brand as a crediblesource. Networking fostersconnections. Businesses can now gain instant feedback from its customers, tackle rumors quicker, and post anyupdates about the business online. Use of inbound marketing and cross-channel media attracts customers. The more keywords youuse on your platforms,the more ingrained they will be in search engines. Prove a great distraction toemployees who show moreinterest in what their friendsare posting than in their worktasks. More difficult to distinguishbetween meaningful and casual relationships. Posted material remains indefinitely and may appear less attractive in the context of an employer doing a background check. Online anonymity can bring out dark impulses that might otherwise be suppressed. (30%) (52%) (31%) More than half have increased the amount of timededicated to managing social media. Just under a third also said that they have experienced increased customer loyalty Social Media is an effective way for businesses to market themselves. "The Effects of Social Media on a Business" 12 2012. 2012. 12 2012
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