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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE DUST BOWL By Hailey WHAT WAS THE DUST BOWL? The Dust Bowl was a time period during the Great Depression where huge amounts of topsoil in the Great Plains would be blown up into big dust storms that devastated many farms and crops. WHERE DID THE DUST BOWL OCCUR? The Dust Bowl mostly affected the prairies and crops in the Great Plains area. WHO WAS AFFECTED BY THE DUST BOWL AND HOW WERE THEY AFFECTED? The entire country was affected as a whole by the Dust Bowl. The government had to figure out where the farmers, now migrating West, would stay. Locals in states where farmers were migrating, such as California, were now living in a crowded position as many came to towns near them. The country didn't get as many goods coming from the farmers, as they couldn't grow anything. The farmers had to leave their homes and move to somewhere with better living conditions. DID THIS CONTRIBUTE TO THE GREAT DEPRESSION? The Dust Bowl, in fact, did contribute to the Great Depression a lot. Produce and other goods coming from farmers were already at high prices, and many of America's population was poor. This event made prices of produce go up much higher. The Dust Bowl also pushed many people out of their homes. SOURCES: Images (from Google) courtesy of:USA Today,,, www.history.comInfo courtesy of:Mrs. Anderson's class,, Library of Congress (
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