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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Distance Between Us Characters Alexander "Alex" "Xander" Spence Caymen Meyers The setting takes place in a small town in California almost near Los Angeles. Setting Theme: You can't judge a book by it's cover. Caymen Meyers is a regular girl who lives in a small town in California. Caymen is an employee at a porcelain doll shop which her mother owns.Living in poverty gave Caynen a view of how little she and her mother have yet satisfies them both. And yet that doesn't stop Caymen from being sarcastic.Since living poor has made her see the different side of money, she is going to give up her education when she graduates high school and work for her mother for a year or two. Meeting Xander had given her the effect of something different and makes her realize that she could do something else than inherit the doll shop.And change her future so that she will get a degree in science. Objective Summary: Every since Caymen could remember her mother had always warned her never to trust the rich people, but as she slowly falls for Xander who is really rich it makes Cayman doubt her mother's warning and think about the future she never thought of. When Caymen Meyers meets Xander Spence, she labels him as a rich snobby person right off the bat. Caymen Meyers has always lived in a small town in California ever since she could remember. Only this little town was also home to rich people who wanted to get away from paparazzi.Or what Caymen calls them their kind. Only little did she know that Xander Spence was be would bedifferent from the rest of "his kind"Caymen and Xander spend Saturdays together to figure out their future careers, Caymen starts to fall for Xander hard and she can't fight the feelings she has for him even though her mother forbids Caymen from being together with Xander. Only before Caymen and Xander could be together, Caymen finds out that Xander has a girlfriend and that his girlfriend is a famous actress.Heartbroken, she finds more pictures of them on magazines.Caymen finally ends things between her and Xander when she gives back his camera that she borrowed so that she could use it to take pictures for her mom's store's new website. Later on when she and Xander go on a "career day" ,or what they called the jobs they tired out, Caymen learns that Xander went out with the actress a long time ago and that the picture was a old photo of them. In the end, Caymen and Xander are finally together even against her mom's wishes. On the night of Xander's mother's benefit came stumbles across people with the last name as her. While talking with Xander's brother, he askes her if the Meyers who were very rich were her grandparents.Xander then beats her to the answer confirms that to his brother. Asking the event planner where her grandparents are seated she sees her grandparents for the first time. Tired of being betrayed she left the benefit and ran home, only to confront her mother about her grandparents.While confirming the truth, Caymen's mom suddenly vomits blood and is then taken to the hospital.With her mom in the hospital, Caymen is still angry and hurt by both Xander and her mother.Using her best friend obtain the information of her grandparents from Xander, Caymen informs them about the state her mother is in.After her grandparents visit her mom at the hospital, Caymen and her mother come at peace.And Caymen and Xander make up for the fact of who her grandparents are. Beginning Middle End
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