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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AirPollution WaterPollution Pollution the many The Different Types of NoisePollution What does Air Pollution Do?Air pollution can damage ourlungs and give us a higher chance of cancer. What Causes Air Pollution?Air pollution is caused by pollutants.Air pollution can also be caused byvolcanic eruptions, burning fossilfuels, and even smoking. How Can We Stop Air Pollution?We can stop air pollution byusing electronic cars or bicyclesto go to school or to work. We should also try to not smokeor litter. NoisePollution What Causes Water Pollution?Water Pollution can sometimesbe caused by floods, becausewhen the flood comes, it can wash some mud or fertilizeror rubbish into our lakes,streams and reservoirs. What does Water Pollution do?Water pollution can kill the animals living inside water. Water pollution can also get rid of animals habitats so that they have no where to live and then they die. How Can We Stop Water Pollution?We can stop water pollution by not throwing rubbish into the wateror we can use hay-bales to stop oilflowing down to the water. PersonalPollution What Causes Personal Pollution?Personal Pollution is caused by usbecause it is "Personal" pollution. For example: we can causepollution by smoking or littering etc. What does Personal Pollution do?Personal pollution can make ourhomes dirty and can make itunhygienic to live in. If our homeis unhygienic, then we can get sick. How can we stop Personal Pollution?We can stop personal pollution by notsmoking or littering. We can also stoppersonal pollution by picking up anyrubbish if someone left it there. What Does Noise Pollution Do?Noise pollution can scare animals away from their habitats so thatthey run away and have to livein another habitat that theyare not used to. What Causes Noise Pollution?Noise pollution is usually caused by traffic because some peoplealways honk car horns and canscare the birds that are living inthe trees next to the cars. How Can We Stop Noise Pollution?We can stop noise pollution bytaking bicycles instead of carsto go anywhere, that way animals don't need to be scared off to adifferent habitat.
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