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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Constitution The -Federalism-Balance of power between stateand nationalgovernments. -Democracy-A Governmentrun by the people. How Checks and balances are Important to the U.S. Checks and balances are very importantin our country because the people grantpower to the government and in return, the government will carry out the goalsof the constitution. -Amendments-Changes to the constitution. -Separation of Powers-Giving each branch specific responsibilities. Preamble The intro to the constitution andstates what they are going todo to make the country better. Articles Bill of Rights Amendments Changes to the constitution to help protect peoples' rights. The first ten amendments in the constitution. Describes the process of how the constitution can be altered in anyway. -Checks and balances-The ability of one branch ofthe government to limit thepowers of another. Amendment Number 8 The eighth amendment was created to eliminateunusual punishments and excessive bail. Thisaffects me because if there were still unusual punishments, I would be hearing about it in the news and probably have nightmares from it. A democracy is completlydifferent fom an anarchybecause the people actually get some power. In an anarchy, the people haveabsolutly nopower. It is theexact oppositeof a democracy. Quote from the preamble "We the people" is includedin the constitution becauseit is refering to the richwhite men. Back then women and people ofanother race were notconsidered important. Purpose of the constitution The Purpose of the constitution is toestablish a federal government.
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