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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Color of Love Loving VS. Virginia A Supreme Court Casethat allowed Blacks and Whites tolegally marry. I BELIEVE... double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. ~Love should be acceptedno matter the race.~Love has no color.~Love does not discriminate. Loving VS. Virginia promises this love is legal..But it doesn't promise this love is easy.. -Black-White Interracial Couplesare faced with social stigmas.-The many stares, negative commentsand stereotypes add pressurethat can lead to many issuesand sometimes divorce.-The pressure placed on biracialchildren to identify with one racecan add more stress to the partnersin the relationship-Professional stigmas are placed onmembers of the interracial relationship-The family dynamic changes when aninterracial relationship is introducedand this sometimes tears familiesapart and affects the relationship. Rude Remarks & CommentsExperienced by Real Couples America Lashed Out at the Interracial Couple on the Cheerio's Commercial Personal Experience for Why I Believe... Because I've had many arguments withfamily members about the race of theone I chose as my significant other. Because I've had to say things like "He doesn't smoke" or "He doesn't sag hispants" or "He's in college"just to eliminateseveral stereotypes based solely on skincolor.Because I've felt that I had to prove he was different before people got to know himbecause he was black.Because we were stared at and asked questions almost everywhere we went.Because I feel that I am judged based on theskin color of the person I choose to date. Because of this I believe... ..Love doesn't worryabout any colorbut the color of love...Two people should be able tolove freely without the added pressures ofsociety hindering their relationship. ..Love does not discriminate. We aretaught to discriminate. By: Kimmie Point
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