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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Color Purple The Color Purple Character Transformation Through Conflicts Celie Character Transformation Through Conflicts- Celie Celie is a young blackwoman that comes from a poor family. She has a troubled past and is also the narratorof the book. At the beginning of the story Celie is raped by her abusive step-fatherwho later takes her babies. She copes with this by becominginvisible and silent so she is able to survive. Celie does nothing to stop the abusefrom her step-father which causesher problems later in life when herhusband, Mr.__, also abuses her. Celieclings to Shug Avery, avery empowered woman, whenshe moves into Celie and Mr.__ 'shouse. Shug slowly helps Celie transform into a personthat has voice and Celielearns to stand up forherself. She also findsnew things to believe inthat help her become a strongerwoman. By the end of the book Celieis able to stand up to Mr.__ eventhough he continually tries to put herdown. Celie's new found self-worthis what keeps the abuse from havingpower over her. Celie has nowtransformed into an independentwoman that is happy and successful. Overall, Celie startsoff as a silent, invisible,and scared kid with atroubled and dark past.Throughout the bookShug introducesher to things thatmake her feel empowered.By the end of the bookCelie is able to stand up to Mr.__and confront him about the yearsof abuse and mistreatment. Celie transforms into a verysuccessful and happy womanthat can take care of herself.
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