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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Cold War Important Dates 1948 The start of the Berlin Blockade. 1950 USA detonate their first hydrogen bomb. 1953 1957 USSR launch Spunik. USA become involved in the Vietnam War 1964 1985 The Korean War begins. 1952 USSR set off first hydrogen bomb. Stalin dies of a massive heart attack. tap and hold to change this title text! 1959 Cuba becomes a communist state. 1961 Construction ofthe Berlin Wall begun. 1962 The Cuban Missile Crisis occurs bringing USA and USSR to the brink of nuclear conflict. The Cuban Missile Crisis occurs bringingUSA and USSR to the brink of nuclear conflict. 1979 USSR invade Afganistan 1980 1989 USA boycott Moscow Olympics Communism collapses in the USSR The Berlin Wall collapses 1991 The Cold War ends. The Cold War was a dramatic tension between the USA and the USSR. It was captalism vs communism. There was never actual fighting but there was threats and propaganda. The Cold War was caused because both the USA and USSR thought their political system was the best way to run a country. After World War II the USSR refused to leave Eastern European countries it had invaded as it wanted to make sure all of them had a communist government. Capitalist countries such as USA feared the spread of communism and were determined to stop it. In March 1946 Winston Churchill said the 'Iron Curtain' speech which began the Cold War. Capitalism is when a countries trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit. Capitalists emphasise individual freedom and enterprise. The ideology of capitalist is that everybody works for themselves. Communism is when all property is owned by the community. The ideology of communists is there will be no social classes, no private ownership, no inequality, everybody would work together and eventually the would be no need for a government.