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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Chrysalids: Independent Study Project The Chrysalids: Independent Study Project Intolerance :The lack of acceptance; Unwillingness or refusal to tolerate or respect othersdue to beliefs and oppinions. Discrimination :Excluding or being against a group of people,class, or category due to differences. Similarities Similarities Between the people of Waknuk and Gender Equality of Syria Sites: Syria Syria Gender inequality in Syria Prejudice :A negative attitude towards a group of people basedsoully on stereotypes or differences. Gender equality is a human right that is taken away from manygirls and women in the world. Syria isone of the worst countries on the terms of gender inequality.This right is measured by the amount of equal representation from women to men, albeit, it is not there to imply that woman and men are the same. What is Gender Equality? Income gap: 15% Labor force participation (m/f): 75%/14% Literacy rate (m/f): 90%/78% Percent women in parliament: 12% What is it like to be a woman in Syria? Syria has never known a female leader. Ever. Despite this, Syrian women have seen their economic opportunities raise in recent years. However,they are still treated poorly within the social structures. Currently in Syria women are forced to wear shape-less black abayas, double veils and thick gloves. If they are spotted without these requirements their mahram, or 'male guardian' would be punnished. What is a Mahram? A Mahram is a male guardian.Every women must have a Mahram at all times. Male guardians are subjected to punishment if women do not remain within the prescribed dress code. What clothes do Women in Syria have to wear? The Waknuk Community The Waknuk Community Discrimination within the Waknuk Community Deviation Equality within Waknuk Deviation Equality within Waknuk Waknuk Waknuk In the Waknuk community, they are extremely paranoid about god and his image. Everything froman extra toe, backward joints, missing / extra fingers or anything up that alley is considered ablasphemy and hateful in the face of god. Thismeans that the deviant is either burned, killed, or sent to the Fringes. There is no equality between 'norms' and deviations in the Waknuk community. What is the definition of:The true image of God? What is the definition of:The true image of God? In order for a person to be a 'norm' withinWaknuk, they need to have two arms and two legs, each baring a single joint (elbow/knee) that leads to a hand/foot. The hand must have four fingers and a thumbwith a flat nail on each finger. The foot musthave five toes with flat nails on each as well.The face must have two eyes, a single nose and amouth. What troubles do Deviations face What troubles do Deviations face? From the first few moments of a persons' life in Waknuk, they are judged and discriminated. If anything as little as an abnormal joint or blemish of the body is present they are categorized as a blasphemy and 'dealt with'. Mothers who've birthed more than two deviants are 'punished' as well, by being sterilized. Deviations are people who are 'hateful in the image ofgod', while Offences are livestalk or plants that don'tlook the same as their parents or the rest of theirspecies. If a Human is found out later on in their lives to be a deviant, like Spider man/Gordon or Sophie, they aresent to the Fringes or killed. If Deviants are found out and reported, they are sterilized and sent to the fringes or killed. Once in the Fringes, it is a completely different story. There is limited supplies, limited resources and the environment is deviational and dangerous. Are WomanDeviations treated worse then Men Deviations? Are WomanDeviations treated worse then Men Deviations? Female Deviations are a bigger threat to the communityof Waknuk becausethey have the abilityto spread the 'pollution' ofdeviations. Are Syrian and Deviational Women Both Discriminated? Both deviational people and thewomen of Syria are discriminated against their societies. Deviational Women are more of a threat to Waknuk as they have the ability to spread 'polution',so they are sterilized, while deviational men are morelikely to be just killed.Syrian Women are greatly discriminated they are forced to wear double veils, black shapeless abayas and gloves. If they are caught even without a Mahram, they are punished. What is it like to be a Syrian Woman vs. A deviant? Deviations are discriminated and judged from the moment they join the community of Waknuk. If there is a slight blemish of the body then they are labled as 'blesphemies' and either burned, killed, or sterilized then cast out into the Fringes. VS. There has never been a women leader ofSyria. A male guardian must be present at all times,This means that if a woman is on abus, and ends up being the last passenger on that bus they will have to get off of the vehicle. If a women is a deviant, they are sterilized and sent to the fringes or would be killed if the deviant is dangerous enough, i.e Rosalind and Petra's case. If the deviant ismale, they would most likely be simply killedor cast out into the fringes.In Syria, if a woman is found without a veil over their face, the mahram would be punished for them or would be stopped or not allowed access to places; even if the woman in in labour, if they do not have a hijab/veil they would notbe allowed access into hospitals.
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