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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Will China stop the marvelous voyages of Zheng He? The China Times It seems as if China is planning to cut the voyages that have innovated and evolved ourcountry. The wonderful Zheng He's adventures will all be for nothing. All the spectacularthings he has done and the land that he has explored in the name of China will all beforgotten. Zheng He has sailed to treacherous lands to bring back goods for China! He has traded with the unknown to help his country! This man spread our religion and our culture all across the world. His fleet had 62 large ships, 250 smaller ships and 28,000 men! Zheng He is the greatest man China has ever known, and who are we to rob him of his achievements. If we cut the voyages, how will we expand?How will the world know of the great empire that is China. And if we dismantle the ships, how willfuture generations know how to build them. China will not be able to grow. And eventually, we will be destroyed by an empire that is continuing to grow and trade. And are WE just going to let this happen? Nonsense, let us revolt against this! Save the voyages and adventures for China! 1433 A.D NEW sail ship for sale! C'mon down to Ching's ships toget your hands on one of our brand new ship models! Explore the seas and make discoveries for China with your very own ship! Bring backsupplies and glory for the worlds greatest empire!
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