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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Guarantee:The Charter of rights and freedoms are guaranteed limits are placed though to maintain freedom and democratic society The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Fundamental Freedom:You have the freedom to chose and practice your own religion You have the freedom to express your own opinions You can organize and participate in peaceful meetings/gatherings You can be a part in whatever you want Democratic Rights:Citizens of Canada have the right to vote and be qualified to run in a election.No elected member can run longer than 5 years unless re electedYou can only run longer if there is a war or national emergencythere is a gathering of elected members and the public every once year Mobility Rights:Every citizens can leave and come to Canada.People can move to any province and have a job that meets their needs.Gives you benefits if you lived their for a period of time They can refuse entry because better people can come in ( Not Discrimination it's called employment equity) Legal rights: Everyone can live their life unless it interferes with justice.If their is unreasonable evidence they have the right to be securedEveryone's individuals rights are protected Anyone who is arrested has the right to have a lawyer and to be released if the arrest is not lawful. Habeas corpus is to have a reason to arrest someone.a) The person who is charged must know why they are being charged .b) The trial must take place within a reasonable amount of time.c) The person charged can't be their own witnessd) Innocent until proven guilty.e) You can only be released when you saved your time.f) These rights apply to you unless your under military law.g) If an activity was committed before it became a law you can't be charged h) If found innocent on a crime you can't be tried again on the same crime.i) If you committed a crime the crime punishment changes after you committed it you get a lesser punishment Everyone has the right not to avoid unusual punishment.The evidence can't be used against someone.Anyone , who doesn't understand or even speak the language but is deaf has the right to be assisted. Equality Rights:Everyone has the right of equal protection even if you have mental or physical disability Everyone has the right to be in any program or activity they choose. Minority Language Education rights:Any citizens that speaks French or English moves to another city can attend to any English or French immersion.If the parent learned one language for example french and they wanted their child to attend French immersion they have the right.If your family members had or are receiving education in English you can receive English as well. Enforcement: If you believe your rights/freedoms has been violated you can go to court and request a remedy If the evidence is false they can't be used in court. General:Aboriginal people get special benefits and other people don't.Parliament and legislatures create laws that protect the canadians as wellDiversity is important to the charter.Everyone ( men and women ) have equal rights and freedoms Religious schools have the right to pick their own teachers and students.The Charter applies to all territories and provinces equally in Canada.The Charter doesn't give extra power to authorities. Application of Charter:The Charter only applies to the government and not business or organization.Governments were permitted a 3 years delay to meet the equality rights.Federal , Provincial and Territorial governments are able to pass laws and can take away rights under the charterIf the government limits the charter rights their must be a reason.If governments make laws that take away rights can only last 5 yearsAfter the 5 year the limit they can bring back the law.If a law is past under subsection 4 subsection 3 applies to it. Official Languages Of Canada:English and French are the Official languages of Canada.The Official languages of New Brunswick is French and English.Nothing limits the use of English and French.The English community and the French linguistic community have equal rights in educational institution.The role of legislature and government of New Brunswick has the duty to protect and promote these rights.In any debates or other proceeding of Parliament , everyone has the right to use English or French.In New Brunswick everyone has the right to use English or French in debates.Any Journals of the Parliament will be printed and published in English and French.Any Journals of the legislature in New Brunswick will be printed and published in English and french,French or English can be used in any court.French or English can be used in any court in New Brunswick.When you are working for a company English and French are available English and French must be available in New Brunswick.Equal protection for English and French.Allows government to offer different languages other than French and English Citation:Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms is the official name for the constitution (subsection 1-33).
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