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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In society The changing roles of It has always been natural instinct for men to be thebreadwinners of the family, while the women stay at home, caring for the children and cooking food for the family. Once in a while people would veer from thisstandard, (for example during the Industrial Revolutionwhen both men and women would work in the factories),but this standard was abolished for good during the 20th century. But when exactly did this happen? United States By The Decade 1960's 1980's 1990's 2000's 1970's 1950's Most popular TV Show: American Idol Most popular TV Show :I Love Lucy Most popular TV Show:NCIS Most popular TV Show: ER Most popular TV Show:Bonanza Most popular TV Show:All in the Family Most popular TV Show:The Cosby Show Women's contributionto family income:32.1% Women's contributionto family income:28.6% Women's contributionto family income:35.3% Women's contributionto family income:47% Women's contributionto family income:26.9% Women's contributionto family income:26% Women's contributionto family income:26.3% Women in the Workforce:71,904,000 Women in the Workforce:31,543,000 Women in the Workforce:18,389,000 Women in the Workforce:45,487,000 Women in the Workforce:56,829,000 Women in the Workforce:66,303,000 Women in the Workforce:23,240,000 Today Women earn... $.77 For every.. $1.00 Men make!!!! Ratio of Women's Earnings to Men's Earnings But why do men earn more money? Let's take a look at some of the factors that are important for a good job: Percentage of Workers With Bachelor's Degree or Higher WOMEN 37% MEN 29% Degrees Earned Since 1982 91 MILLION In 2012, women earned more college degrees than men! Associate's Degree Doctor's Degree Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree 100% 20% 40% 60% 80% 38.3% 47.9% 61.7% 52.1 56.9% 43.1% 40.4% 59.6 As shown, the amount of women in the workforce and their contribution to the family have increased rather steadily since the 1950's. Including the most popular TV Shows helps explain how media influences our idea of what we should think and believe, even about the different roles of men and women. But is there still inequality? or the As shown, women easily have more degreesand credibility when applying for a job, yet they don't earn as much as men. Why? Somepeople think women aren't treated as equalas men in the workforce, and others believe itis due to the different industries that employdifferent genders, along with many other explanations. Even though women still may not be one hundred percent equal today, theyhave still made leaps and bounds from wherethey were in the 1950's, which is why it is easy to conclude that the role of women hasdefinitely changed over time, hopefully for thebetter. By: Sarah Taylor 2nd Period (as of 2011)
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