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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Central Power Germany The Austrian-Hungarian Empire The Ottoman Empire The Germans were more than involved in WWl the were the ones who started the war with their change in government to a militarism and Wilhelms choices and the fact that they had plans to invade Europe, the middle east and most of north Africa. Bulgaria Austrian Hungarian Empire got involved a month after the assassination of Franz. Fearing that Serbian would attempt to invade, they declared war on them. The Ottoman Empire entered the war on Oct. 28, 1914 by bombing Russias ports in the black sea. The Empire also had an alliance with Germany. Bulgaria entered WWI on Oct. 11, 1915 when the prime minister, Vasil Radoslavov saying that they have allied with the central powers Important People Prince Max von Baden- Germany Max's early role during World War One was chiefly confined to welfare work for prisoners of war. Over time however he became a Leader in political and opposed to the extreme right-wing policies as demonstrated by the Third Supreme Command, a virtual military dictatorship. Heinrich von Clam- The Austrian-Hungarian Empire Clam was a great military leader and politician. He also spoke German and was good friends with Franz Ferdinand. Once he was assassinated he took charge of the country and rule. Vasil Radoslavov-Bulgaria Radoslavov studied and received his degree for law at Hindenburg, Germany. He had become the minister of justice at Karavelovs cabinets. During WW1 he was pro Gemany. ReferencesAustria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. (2014). Retrieved from duffy, M. (2009, August 22). Retrieved from Who's Who - Vasil Radoslavov: (2014). Retrieved from World War One: The Major Alliances: (1979). Retrieved from Alliance System / System of alliances: (2014). Retrieved November 21, 2014, from (2014). Retrieved from World War I: Beginnings and the Aftermath:
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