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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Capture 2012 2008 2011 Cabri Settings: Forest Characters :Soren Kludd Mother Father Mrs.P Eglantine This book is about a little owl that falls out of his family tree and gets kidnapped by other owls ang they take him to a dark and forbidding canyon its called an orphanage but the little owl believes its something far worse and he knows the only way out is to escape and he is gonna have do something he doesn,t know how to do and that is fly he starts on a journey and meets three otherowls together they protected each other from unimaginable danger. Ipsum Et Dolor Sit Amet Author: Kathryn Lasky Nylisha Allen Main Characters: Sorenn Main Characters: Soren, Kludd,Mother,Father, Mrs.P.and Elgantine . Kludd and Elgantine are the only owls that are static the rest are dynamic because all of them either go hunting for food or going to find help. Vocabulary Pelletorium: a place in St. Aggie's where owls are forced to pick. pg 104broody:thoughtful and unhappy pg 37thrummed:make a continuous rhythmic humming sound. pg 27talons:a claw, especially one belonging to a bird of 67inventorium:is where the idea for every new Tulip product is allowed to grow. pg 150 Key Quote Soren is a male barn owl or tyto alba who lives in the Forest Kingdom of Tyto and gets kidnapped by other owls Theme Theme Key Quote Plot Vocabulary ''Kludd said Soren you have gotten yourself in a terrible fix'' Getting kidnapped and taken to and orphange
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