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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Calling We are answering God's Calling on our livesas a ministry by creating a movement of the Body of Christ around the world go after Christ'calling on their lives wholeheartedly and watching the economies grow expodentailly change all around the world! HERE"S HOW! Business (For Profit) Represents The Calling will be having a for profitside to help economies around the world reach their God given potentail and provide a long term financial branch for the nonprofitside of The Calling to lean on! Heaven is for Real Communication of the Message Port Au Prince Haiti (Reaching 500,000 people)Denver, Colorado (Reaching 80,000 people) Washington, DC (Reaching 50,000 people)Athen's Greece (50,000 people) Coffee Shops Hallmark Cards Coffee Products 5 K Races Fundraisers Apparel Children's Book's Book Conferences 1. Invite the local church in the community we are at to come together on a certain date and venue 2. Invite bands and speakers to come in and communicate that because of the Gospel God has a calling on their lives The Calling 3. Communicate that with Christ we have nothing to be afraid of! Challenge everyonethere to live out God's calling on their lives 4. Have everyone there activate their God given calling right then and there through Businesses and nonprofits thatwe bring on site 5. See the economy change in that area because people are living withGod's passion and drive to work hard and take giants leaps of faith Locations 6. People will be able to have accountaility of living out their God given calling withinthier local church where The Calling will train people in the congregationto go after God;s calling on their lives! Conferences Raising $10 million Comedy Show Golf Tournament Dream Activation Network Guides Discovering your calling guides Materials Coffee Shops Represents Businesses Represents Fundraisers
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