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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The house of bourbons are a house of royals with a French origin. Bourbon kings had thrones in Navarre and France.Later on, they had thrones in Spain, Naples, Sicily and Parma.Spain and Luxembourg currently have Bourbon monarchs. Henry IV became the first Bourbon king of France in 1589. Bourbon monarchs were overthrown in the French Revolution of 1792.There were different branches of cadet houses, the house of Bourbon, the house of Orlean, the princes of Conde,the princes of Conti.The French and Spanish thrones were formalized by the Treaty of Utrecht. The Spanish Bourbons were overthrown and restored several times. Henry IV France signed the Treaty of Barwalde with Sweden. French agreed to support Sweden by giving them money and in exchange they were given an army. They were contributing to the war indirectly by supporting Sweden. France declared war on Spain on May1635 and the Holy Roman Empire on august 1636. They used their allied Swedens strategy. Emperor Ferdinand II was succeeded by his son, Emperor Ferdinand III. They were losing grounds to the invading Spanish forces but quickly regained. The Spanish forces were defeated in May 1643. Separatist movements emerged in Spanish provinces of Portugal and Catalonia. The war between Spain and France ended with the Treaty of Pyrenees. The aftereffects of the war was devastating. The reduction of population of the German states increased form 25% to 40%. Pestilence of several kinds raged among combatants and civilians in Germany and surrounding lands from 1618 to 1648. Many features of the war spread disease. These included troop movements, the influx of soldiers from foreign countries, and the shifting locations of battle fronts. In addition, the displacement of civilian populations and the overcrowding of refugees into cities led to both disease and famine. Information about numerous epidemics is generally found in local chronicles, such as parish registers and tax records that are often incomplete and may be exaggerated. These German states were affected by the Bubonic Plague also known as the Black Death. The Bourbons and The Thirty Years War in France
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