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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Boston Masacre The Boston Masacre On the night of March 5th, 1770 a group of unarmed men and children taunted a sentry posted outside of the city's custom house. Later on other British soldiers came to the sentry's aid . After soldiers came shots were fired into the crowd. On that night 6 were wounded,four died at the scene,and the fifth died four days later.Paul Revere was a very big help during theBoston Massacre because he wasted notime on acting because he wanted to makeemphasis on the British tyranny toworads the colonists.(note the picture on the left.) After the painting was finished many criticized his work because of the faulty information given from the drawings. After a few weeks when many people havebought Revere's picture in newspapers somenoticed that he copied to other paintingsof the same incident. Revere did have a different engraving onthe picture though he still did copy the othertwo but forgot a few details. Some details he did leave outwas the fact that he forgot to putsnow and ice on the roads also he gave the drawing a blue skyreferring to a midday incident buthe also includes a moon in the lefthand corner which means the incidentoccurred during the afternoon not at night. In the hurry for Revere to produce hisengraving he hired Christian Remick to colorize the picture. Historians deny that theBoston Massacre was not amilestone in gaining independencefrom the British.The painting is the most famousin America to some that argue it is not. " The Boston Massacre." The Boston Massacre. Web. 17 Dec. 2014. <>.
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