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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Book Thief By Markus Zusak Background Info on Author Markus Zusak was born in 1975 in Sydney, Australia, he has four older siblings and his parents are immigrants from Germany and Australia.His parents never could read or write English when they arrived in Australia, but they wanted their children to learn the language and encouraged them to read and communicate in English from an early age. Zusak began writing fiction at age 16 and pursued a degree in teaching at the University of Sydney. Before becoming an author, He decided to work as a house painter, a janitor and a high school English teacher.In 1999 he wrote his first novel called, The Underdog, and in 2006 he wrote his most popular book The Book Thief. Summary of novel: Narrated by death,the book thief is a novel about a girl named liesel Meminger .Leslie is a 9 year old girl from Germany who got sent away by her mother to go live in a small town called Molching in 1939 with Hans and Rosa Hubermen.Liesel's younger brother was also sent away with her to live in Molching but he passed away while on his way to the town.That causes Leslie to have nightmares because her brothers death traumatized her, Hans is kind to her and helps her stay calm and teaches her to read.He helps her read a book that she found in the cemetery where her brother was buried.In her nieborhood Leslie meets a boy named Rudy Stiener ,who falls in love with her.Later on in the book while Leslie was at a book burning she finds out that her father was prosecuted for being a communist and her mother was probably also killed by the nazis. Main Characters: Leslie Meminger Rudy SteinerMax Vandenburg Hans HubermannRosa HubermannDeath The SettingThe novel takes place in a fictional town called Molching, Germany ,near Munich in the years of 1939 and 1943 during World War 2. Main Conflict in Novel :Jews being prosecuted by the Nazis and Leslie not being able to help Max or any of the Jews.Another main conflict is Leslie's obsession with stealing books. one symbol from novel and significance :One symbol from this book is the symbol of colors.Death,the narrator of the story has a fascination with colors especially the colors of the sky and he says it distracts him from his job.This symbol is significant to the novel because it provides imagery in the story.It creates a mood and setting in the plot by focusing on colors when a death occurs, and death suggests that there is a connection between the color of the sky (natural world) and a person's death.Each human in the book dies with their own color of the sky,that represents an image of how nature and the whole universe cares about people's existence. One theme from novel and significance:One theme and probably the main theme in this novel is the theme of Death.This theme occurs throughout most of the book ,the narrator of the novel is Death himself.Death is portrayed in the story through war, subside,and old age.All characters in the story have gone through death whether it's themselves or others they cared for,but each character handles death differently.An example of this is Leslie, once her brother died and others from her family she grieves and is haunted by their absenses.But at the end of the book when almost everyone she has come to know dies she accepsts it and belives that it's her turn to die as well.Some characters in the book deal with death eih denial and don't believe that it happened correctly . Minor Characters:Liesel's MotherWernerFrau HeinrichHans Junior TrudyBarbara SteinerAlex SteinerFrau Holtzapfel Frau DillerPfiffikusTommy MΓΌllerThe mayor of MolchingJohann Hermann
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