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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Black Death Game Changer: The rats made a big change, with the decrease of population. Even after the The Black Death ended, there was a huge change of population. And another thing that changed was the clothing that people used to wear, because now a day people tend to were pants and shirts but back then during the Medieval Times they wore dresses and more casual cloths.The medication has changed becauseback than they never had any medical knowledge for the cure of the diesease and that how half of the population disappeared. Because of the fleas the disease lasted forso long because each flea was able to lay a round of 2,000 eggs at a time and they also had the power to jump to other people. The reason of this disease was because back then people would justthrow out waste outside and it would effectthe rats but back then people never knew thereason. This event, The Black Death is an Game Changer because everything changed after the disease was gone. Some examples of that would be clothing,Population,Medication,Religion and so on. The biggest thing that changed was Medication because back then they never had like x-rays, ultrasounds to see what was happing. Instead they would've begged the owner of the dead body to examine it and see what was causing the disease and that, was really hard to get.Even after the Black Death people were scared of going to the European countries.Some people changed their religion and started thinking differently. They thought that it was because of their diet and what they were eating and they also changed that.
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