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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Bear Flag Revolt Bear Flag Revolt Texas Revolution Single star to Represent that it used to be an Independant Republic 1 June about Americans gathered near Sonoma, and took control of the city. 33-34 11, 1846 Declared Independence from Mexico June 14,1846 The Bear Flag Revolt lasted a bit less than a month Days 26 The Grizzly Bear represented strength of the Rebublic The Bear flag became the official state flag inwhich makes it exactly years old!!! 1911 104 June William Ide writes the proclamation innights announcing the Revolt 18 2 3 5 The original flag measured around feet by feet, and was made on a sheet of white cotton. 3 1846 5 weeks later on July , the Republic's military of men was tooken over by the U.S army 100-200 Occupation of Sonoma by the U.S military July 9, 1846 California eventually was added to The Union Septemberwhich makes it years old 165 9, 1850 California's Population is approximately 38,332,521 California is the biggest state has square miles 3rd 163,707 Date Casulties Added to Union How long it lasted # stars on flag square miles Oct. 2,1835 Hundreds Dec.29,1845 6 months, 2 weeks, 5 days 1 268,820 Jun. 14,1846 0 Sept.9 ,1850 26 days 1 163,707 Comparing Data Miles Scoville Core:B
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