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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Battle of Verdun Who fought in the battle? Germany and France fought this battle during WW1 between: February 21,1916 December 18, 1916 Verdun What Exactly happened at the Battle of Verdun? It was an attempt made by Germany to quickly defeat France and Great Britain in order to get rid of the Western Front To do this Germany wanted to attack a city close to the hearts of the French people The Tactics vs. General Erich Von Falkenhayn General Philipe Petain His plan: Attack France, and takedown as many forts as possibleto reach Verdun. By doing this,France's morals will be broughtdown, and they will no longer beable to fight back. The Pros: It is true, the Frenchtake pride in their fortresses, if many of them are taken down, the humiliation will bring the troops down. The cons and flaws: Germanyunderestimates the French. They think it will be an easy quickbattle, however, France will putup a good fight. His plan: Petain wants to defend his forts as much as possible. He plans to make a defense line andsend them down to Verdun.The Pros: All France can really dois defend themselves or try topush Germany off the front. His mind is in the right place. The Cons and flaws: Petain didnot prepare enough troops, France will suffer a great deal ofcasualties from this battle. Additionally, getting to Verdunitself will be a difficult journey forPetain. He has to lead suppliesand men down a narrow road. Major Events The longest single battle of WWI December 24, 1915: The Decision is made to attack France. 1,200 guns are prepared in secrecy. February 12, 1916: Troops were prepared to attack, but due a weather issue, the attack is delayedFebruary 21, 1916: Germany initiates its attack on France. February 25, 1916: Germany captures the fortress of Douaumont. French from the village of Douaumont resist and fight against germany until March 2nd.March 2, 1916: Douaumont falls, however, the resistance buys time for Petain and his new lineof defense to move down south.July 7, 1916: By now Fort Vaux, along with a few other forts, is also takenOctober 21, 1916: France takes the initiative to take an offensive attack on Germany to regain theland they had lost, and push Germany back.December 18, 1916: Germany determines defeat because they have been pushed back all the wayto their starting points. 337,000 337,231 double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. German Casulties French Casualties Results It ends mostly in a stalemate, however, Germany claims defeat Work Cited: Jessica YoungUS History 2Period 7
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