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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 New Delhi vs POPULATION 25 MILLION POPULATION 37 MILLION POPULATION DENSITY- 4300 Km URBANISATION TOKYO Tokyo POPULATION DENSITY- 9340-11,320 Km This is the largest in India. In India there are: 79% living in permanent houses(45.6 million)67%owned by households(36 million people)29% is rented(15 million people. Megacities Mega cities are cities or metropolitan areas that have apopulation of over 10 million.There are currently 33 mega cities in the world. Globally more people( about 54%) live in urban areas in 2014. Sources- Japan entered a high economic growth but with this heavyindustry & chemical industries resulted in air pollution, mainly soot, dust and sulfur. The government was slowto stop this but in 1949 Tokyo established a factory pollution ordinance. In 1955 they established the Tokyo prefectural ordinance for soot and smoke control, this states that tokyo took institutional steps to address pollution before the national government. Consequently slum dwellers in New delhi suffer from Water-borne diseases such as blood dysentery&diarrhoea caused by the repetition of contaminated water under hand pumps and the flies also cause infectious diseases. Slum health That Traffic in India will take up to 2 hours straight and that's the average amount. Did you know? In the future Tokyo will account for 30% of Japan's population. By Nethum Lokuge 8K
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