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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Art of Racing in the Rain The Art of Racing in the Rain Beginning Quote Analysis "The Car goes where the eyes go. It istrue my young friend. It is very, very true." Denny Middle Denny Denny's life is going as well as any modern family man's can go. He has a wife and a small, energetic dog named Enzo. Worries are few and happiness is plenty. Denny treats Enzo like his adopted son.They both are happy with life as it is. When Denny meets Eve, as great aslife was before, gets even better. The birth of Zoe also adds to the joy andthe family moves into a big, new house. Denny is as the height of hishappiness. By the middle of the novel, Denny is feeling the pain of loss and defeat.The love of his life is no longer with him to share his pain. She had losther battle against brain cancer and her parents are suing Denny forthe rights to see his own daughter. Zoe is the only human he has leftto care for and love. The grandparents bankrupt Denny due to the costs of a lawyer to defend him in court. Things go from bad to worse when allegations are made against Denny claiming he is a sex offender. Due to this, custody is given to the grandparents whichdrives Denny to the point of defeat. The only thing that prevents him fromgiving up is his little canine friend, Enzo. Enzo becomes his reason tokeep fighting and gives Denny hope. End Denny, as the formula one champion for Ferrari, meets a young five year old boy in Italy, named Enzo. This little boy says this quote to Denny on their first meeting.This sentence was said to Enzo by Denny in the past life. This little boy is meant to be the reincarnation of Enzo the dog. He is reincarnated as a human who wants to become a champion just like he did in the past life. He is persistent like he was as a dog. He has the same hopes as he did in the past life. He has the soul of Enzo the dog and this quote proves it. At the end of the novel, things are starting to look up for Denny. The claims by Eve's grandparents that he raped a young girl had beenresolved and he had won full custody of Zoe. His financial difficultieshad been lessened by a surprise contribution by his parents. He had begun to believe that he had the support of the people around him. Descriptive Write Epilogue Throughout the entire story Denny has been combating the loss of loved ones,the frustration of defeat and the humiliation of a false accusation of child rape. He had been close to giving up on all he cared for when he was in a court battle to save the things he cared for most. Denny is facing the internal conflict of his own mind. He is contemplating accepting the loss of his daughter to her grandparents. The only thing that kept him from giving up on the court case was the one light he had left in the world,his dog Enzo. Enzo helped him through the thick and the thin, being the aforementioned court case to the moment he wonback the rights to see his daughter. Denny has started a new life for himself in Italy by this part of thenovel. He had been given a job offer by the boss of Ferrari to beemployed by them as a test car driver. He took that job and had proven himself as a man who refused to let anything beat him. He isthe Formula One world champion and all of his dreams had beenrealized. He took Zoe with him to Italy and had happily lived there upto this point. All of Dennys problems had been resolved. As the last ofhis problems died, so had Enzo. Seeing his job in this life was completeEnzo had died peacefully. He had left a hole in Dennys heart but hemeets a little Italian boy named Enzo. Enzo the boy makes himrealize that he does believe in a stronger force around him.
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