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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Negotiated own tradedeals with Europe Federal Powers Granted State PowersGranted Limitations on the Federal Government Manage foreign policy Borrow and coinmoney Cannot regulateeconomic regulationsbetween states or with other countries Does notinclude an Executive Branch produced their own industries at expense of industries in other states Purpose the many The Attempt Irrelevant The Articles of Confederation March 1, 1781 - May 1787 To create a centralgovernment for the United States different from England's Conduct for diplomacy and war Settle disputes between states Tried to prevent national government from becoming too powerful. Congress had all powers of national government StatePowers Limited Each state only had one vote Printing of Money Congress had the authority to determine how much money was needed to run the United States. They spent the necessary amounts,and borrowed money on the credit of the United States Congressonly raised money by asking the states Taxes Only states could enforce them State PowersGranted State PowersGranted Passinglaws Nine of the thirteen states to approve legislation. Blocking a bill took only five of the thirteen states. Federal Court System Regulation of trade Amendeddocument Miltary No national courts system States were free to tax goods that were produced in other states. States set barriersto protect harms within industries No national or systematic defense system Dependent on state troops. Had to have the consent of the national Congress and all of the states. A unanimous vote was needed.
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