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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Arabian Peninsula: Desert vs. Coastal Plains Desert: Physical Features:The desert takes up about 75% of the peninsula. The biggest desert is called the Arabian Desert. The Arabian Desertstretches to 2,330,000 square km. or900,000 square miles, making thedesert one of the biggest in the world. Climate:The climate in the desert is generallyhot, dry, and harsh. The temperaturescan go up to 120 degrees Fahrenheiton summer days, to below freezing atnight or winter. In the desert, droughtscan last for years. There are also wind-storms and sandstorms. In addition, theyearly amount of percipitation is 3-4 in. Adaptions:In order to survive, there were manyadaptions to be made. The people wholived in the desert moved constantly anddidn't settle down. These people werecalled nomads or Bedouins. These peopleraised sheep, goats, and camels. Sheepand goats were used to make milk productsand animal products. They often tradedanimal products with other nomads.Camels were used to carry heavy loads.Bedouins had to wear long gowns andcotton headdresses. Livability Rating:In my opinion, the desert has alivability rating of 1. I think sobecause the weather is veryextreme with the temperatures,storms, and little rainfall. Inaddition, they had to makemany adaptions in order tosurvive. Coastal Plains: Trade Rating:I believe that the desert has a traderating of 1. I think so because theit is hard to get into the desert andthe only trade was between thenomads who traded animal products. Desert Coastal Plains Physical Features:Coastal Plains can reach to 5-40miles long and end at the RockyCliffs. In addition, they havenatural harbors and riverbeds. Climate:The climate for Coastal Plains isthat it is very damp and moist because it rains often. In theocean there are a lot of sea life.There are also dry riverbeds thatfill up during rainy season. Adaptions:The Coastal Plains did not needmany adaptions because theland was suitable for farming.People built dams, wells, andirrigation systems. They grewgrains, fruits, and vegetables.People even collected fragranttree sap. There was also tradebetween India, East Africa, andplaces along the Red Sea. Livability Rating:I would give Coastal Plains a 5on livability. I would do so becauseit is a great place for farming andthere were no extreme adaptionsto be made. Trade Rating:I would give Coastal Plains a 5on trade because there were manywaterways that made travelingeasy.
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