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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Arabian Peninsula. The Mountains on the Peninsula. On the Mountains, there is some facts for it.1. On the Mountains, it rains 20 inches per year.2. The Mountains rises 1,000 ft to 13,000 ft.3. The Mountains have some ancient riverbeds runningdown the mountain side to catch rainwater.4. The Temperature there is very cold like absolute zero. Oasis on the Peninsula. For the adaptions. The people built irrigation systems. Build houses out of Mud bricks, stone, and wood. They stored rainwater in the underground storage,leather bags, and in hollowed trees. The rating I would give is a 3/5 stars. For the reasons i'm goingto give is that the houses that i'm giving it some fairness andthe one i would use is stone because stone last longer but i'm think is will fall on me so is wood but i think mud bricks will break by something and when i leave to get some stuff i think ihave to climb to my house so much. For trading is 4/5 and the reason that because it would probablyhave to what for the traders to get up on the sides of the mountain which will take long but i can wait for it but for what they done to get up here is a struggle and for that i would pay them fairly. Facts for the Oasis.1. it rains regularly.2. There are plenty of animals in the sea3. The Oasis end on a cliff.4. Dry riverbeds on the cliff to catch rain.5. The temperature there is really good. Adaptions for Oasis is Farmers grew crops on fertile land. People dug up wells and some dams to irrigate there fields.They traded on the seaport of Aden. The rating for it is 5/5. The reasons for is the rainfall is good and its riverbeds catch the rainfall. The Oasis has a great view to ponder myself and there are animals in the oceans so i can eat some seafood. The trading rate would be 5/5 because the people can trade at the seaport so that i can trade them back with some of money for theirs travels and the giving them food for the travels back.
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