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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1789-1799 1688-1689 .The Glorious Revolution France England The people as a whole of France Revolted People revolted because they were unhappy with the government. Was spontaneous. Led by Maximilian Robespierre Secondary Sources: Primary Sources: Started by leading politicians The French Revolution v. French English Stormed BastilleKilled The King And Queen Revolted because of political and religious reasons The protestant peoplewere afraid of having a catholic king The leading politicians invited William of Orange and Mary to take the thrown James II fled The people who revolted were protestants The King and Queen were held captive After the revolutionEngland was changed to a constitutional monarchy After the Revolution France changed into aConstitutional Monarchy "is it not evident that the noble order has privileges and expenditures which it dares to call its rights, but which are apart from the rights of the great body of citizens?" "the ease of the people in all their Grievances, depends upon the settling those principles or rules of equal Government for a free people
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