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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The American Revolution To rebel against taxes, colonists dressed up as Native Americans the snuck into the Boston Harbor and dumped British Tea into the harbor. Boston Tea Party Intolerable Acts First Continental Congress Battle of Lexington and Concord Olive Branch Petition Battle of Bunker Hill British Leave Boston Declaration of Independence is Made To punish colonists for the BostonTea Party, Parliament passed lawsthat were so harsh that colonistscalled them the Intolerable Acts. Some of these laws were that colonistshad to house British troops, and Britainalso shut down Boston Harbor. A group of political leaders representingthe colonists met to discuss how tohandle the Intolerable Acts. Theydecide to create militia and not go to war with Britain. The British received word thatcolonists were stashing weapons inConcord. They sent troops to capturethese weapons, but they found none.On their way back to Boston, theywere met by minutemen and exchangedfire. This was known as the beginningof the war. Congress wrote a letter to King Georgeasking for him to repeal the IntolerableActs, but said they still wanted to be partof Britain. He took that as a sign that they wanted war. This was the first major battle of the war.Americans had made camp near Bunker Hill,and were attacked by the British. They lost, but they showed that they wouldn't be defeatedeasily. The Declaration of Independence was written by Patriots surrounded Boston with men andcannons. The British realized that they wouldlose this battle and left Boston.
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