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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Thomas Jefferson Famil y How much do you know about America's third president? Married:Martha Wayles Skeleton JeffersonChildrenMartha (1772-1836)Jane Randolph (!774-1775)an infant son (1777)Mary (1778-1804)Lucy Elizabeth (1780-1781)Lucy Elizabeth (1782- 1785) Presidential Acomplishments Some of his accomplishmentsincluded reducing the national debt by a third, purchasing the Louisiana Territory, and supporting the Louis and Clark Expedition. After Presidency He returned to his plantation home,Monticello, and continued his studies in science and natural history through research, experiments, and invention. Jefferson also organized and established the University of Virginia. Before he died on July 4, 1826 at 83 years old. He was well-educatedand excelled in his classical languages studies. He alsostudied science, mathematics, rhetoric, philosophy, andliterature at the College of William and Mary. Election of 1800 Before Presidency The Amazing Life of Sources:, Aaron Burr and Jefferson were neck and neck eachwith 73 vote. Another election was to be held and Jefferson won by 1 vote. Jefferson- BlueBurr- Red 73 73 Electoral College 51% 49% House of Representatives Interest s Some of his interests included studying science, literature, philosophy, architecture, and music. Raven Rushing
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