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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Post-Coup Thailand: 2014 Coup D'etat Background Military Coup -22 May 2014, General Prayuth announced the armed forces were assuming control of national administration Royal Thai Armed Forces takeover (highlights)Caretaker government dissolvedSenate dissolvedConstitution repealedMilitary junta established, called the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) During the Coup:declared martial law curfew nationwide,banned political gatherings, arrested and detained politicians and anti-coup activists, imposed internet censorship Protest! People gathered for democracyLargest gatherings occurred the three days after initiation of coup -There have been 11 suscessful coups in Thailand since 1932 <--May 24: Protesters marched to the Victory Monument Symbol of protest:Three-finger salute from The Hunger Games film seriesThree fingers represent equality, liberty and brotherhoodThe military announced: They will arrest anyone who uses the salute double click to change this header text! Road to the 2014 Coup Instated Martial Law. o Due to violence between both sides of political parties. o Desired peace.He appointed himself commander of the newly formed Peace and Order Maintaining Command (POMC). He ordered police, navy, airforce and Ministry of Defense to be a part of the POMC. Pre-Coup: May 2014 May 22, 2104: Talks between the POMC and The caretaker Governement fail. - The Coup D'etat begins! Corruption charges against prime minister. Acting Prime Minister and his members ordered to report everything to the military. General Prayuth: Thailand Calls for Peace! A takeover is necessary in order for the country to return to normality quickly. Interim Constitution June 22, 2014 on the two month anniversary of the coup,General Prayuth had the draft interim constitution signed by the king. On August 2, 2014, the royal decree under section 40 of the constitution was issued todetermine monetary benefits for the NCPO members. THB Benefits per Month These benefits are paid in addition to the benefits they are already entitled to from their posts in the armed forces. August 21, 2014: NLA unanimously voted General Prayuth as the new prime minister of the country. October 2014:The UN issued a short report citing several criticisms and notes of concern over the 2014 Interim Constitution. The formal appointment was made on 24 August 2014 Tensions Tensions have been slowly rising between Thailand and other countries since the interim constitution. o Fear of government is turning into a military dictatorship. However General Prayuth claims his heart is democratic! Thai democracy will neverdie, because I'm a soldier with a democratic heart The Future? Future unknown for this newly established government. New interim constitution prevents coups, Governmet starting to look more like a dictatorship than a democracy. According to many sources at this point the future of this government is still up in the air!
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