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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Weft Knit with Tuck Stitches I-N-C Company: International Concepts Blouse A Tuck Stitch occurs whena stitch is left unknit and carried up to the next row, creating a puckered or elongated stitch. 1. Fabric Identification An Analysis of A Garment From the Very Beginning to the End Product... - Machine Wash Cold- Gentle Cycle with like colors- Only use non-chlorine bleach when needed- Tumble Dry Low- Cool Iron When Needed 3. Fabric Construction: Weft Knit When a fabric is yarn dyedthe color is placed in theyarn or threads before weaving, as opposed to the color being printed on after being woven. A Little Bit About The Company... International Conceptsis a private brandof Macy's Department Store,and is sold exclusively atMacy's. This brand is a style-minded trendsetter,which provides runway ready fashion and accessories. Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber- Purified cellulose is convertedinto a soluble compound andforced through a spinneretto produce filaments that are synthetic fibers of pure cellulose.- In pulling out a stitch from this garment, we can tell that the yarns are filament yarns, which means they do not require being spun. They are collections ofcontinuous filament fibers thatare gently twisted.Filament Yarns offer:- smooth touch- flat hand- excellent drape Weft Knit Made in China 100% Rayon Fiber Content Properties: Characteristics of Rayon Rayon is the mostabsorbent of all cellulosefibers. Because of this it absorbs perspiration and allows it to evaporate away from the skin.Its high absorbency applies to dyes allowingfor beautiful, deep, rich colors like this blouse. Rayon loses a great deal of strength when wet, therefore, it stretches and shrinks more than cotton.Abrasion Resistance is moderate, and the fiber can easily be damagedby scraping. - Soft and comfortable- Drapes well- Highly absorbent- Dyes very well- No static- Fabric can shrink - Washable or dry cleanable Fiber Content Properties 100% Rayon The name of this fabric is Jersey There are no known finishes to this garment, however, they most likelyare aesthetic finishes thatallow for the garment'sinherent luster. 5. Finishing 4. Dying Process: Yarn Dyed Missoni Inspired Chevron Stripe Silky Smooth and Delicate Hand Labor This I.N.C. blouse was made inChina. The average wage for aChinese Factory Worker is a mere $1.36 an hour for a 12 hour day, and the highest risk of fatalityon the job when compared to other countries.** Washing Instructions By: Kristi Licursi 2. Yarn Structure: **Kavoussi, Bonnie. "Average Cost Of A Factory Worker In The U.S., China And Germany." The Huffington Post., 08 Mar. 2012. Web. SPI Count (Stitches per inch) Hand 17.5x17 - Loops are produced to the width of the fabric- A horizontal row of loops can be made with one thread - Thread runs in the horizontal direction- The elasticity of weft knits is higher than warp knits This higher SPI indicates more of a lightweight use.
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