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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 E-Textiles Innovations Nano-Tex Textile Enginnering 1. Innovations in terms of clothing manufactures have saved the US fabric manufactures from being put out of business. Innovations 2. The director of the National Textile Center has focused on making clothing more comforatable and more protective by using new types of fabric 3.The US Clothing industry is getting worse and worse due to profits and is going bankrupt. About 8 universities around the country are researching new types of fabrics to help the industry keep going. 1. Nano-Tex is a new type of clothing which can have an assortment of different technologies inside of clothing.For Example a ski jacket with a keypad sowed into the sleeve. 2. Nano Tex can also be used to make different types of fabrics preform different things for example insect repelling, spill resistant, and even clothing that cools you. 3. Nano-Tex has been one of the ways to save the US fabric industry and to stop it from going bankrupt 1. E-Textiles are also types of fabric that have been turned into innovations. For example a pom pom that when touched will turn on a light. 3. The head of International Fashion Machines has made many E-Textiles one of which uses led lights inside of the fabric to light up a dress 2. E-Textiles are produced by many companies such as a company called international fashion machines
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