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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Evacuation Paragraphs Description ParagraphPeople describe tsunamis in many different ways. Sometimes tsunamis can be predicted, but sometimes they rise up out of nowhere.When you issue a warning, there may be up to an hour for people to get out of the area. Chronological Order PharagraphA tsunami can happen and form in many steps. First, when they are starting to form, they are only a foot tall. Then, the waves move back and forth and gradually become bigger. Once it is big enough, it goes back another time and charges forward. Once the tsunami hits, the area takes massive damage and anything near it gets destroyed. Tsunamis happen and form in many steps. Problem Solution Paragraph When a tsunami occurs, there are ways to avoid it. If you hear a tsunami warning, quickly evacuate to higher ground. The water may damage your house, but at least you're safe. Second, if you hear of about an earthquake near a coastal near you,be prepared. Most tsunamis happen when an earthquake occurs near a coastal area. Have everyone move out of the harbor area, and go as far away as possible. Compare and Contrast Paragraph Small tsunamis and small Eastern Shore waves, boogie boarding waves, are alike and different. Sometimes, the wavelengths can be the same. Another similarity is that the wavelength, speed, and frequency can be the same. There are many differences between a small tsunami and small Eastern Shore waves, like a tsunami can be much more destructive. One big difference is that tsunamis travel much faster,and they last much longer. Tsunamis and Eastern Shore waves have a few similarities and differences. Cause and Effect Paragraph If your home is swept away by a tsunami, there would be many negative effects. You would have to pay a lot of money to fix everything. During the construction, you would have to live with family members, or at an evacuation center. You would also have to use a lot of money to buy food, new clothes, toiletries, and utilities. All of your valuable possessions would be lost. There are many negative effects of having your home swept away by a tsunami.
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