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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Texas to India! The piece of my business that I will be outsourcing is human hair that is used in my weaves, I will be doing it in India because there the county that gives us the product so why not outsource from them! We will move to Surat, India which is told to be the safest place in all of India. Which we hope Is true. Other reasons we chose this location to outsource is how it's closer to China which is where we got lots of supplies from, it'd be cheaper because wouldn't have to ship like at all and we'll be able to sell goods cheaper which will make sales sky rocket :) Benefits of moving to India would have to the ability to sell our goods much cheaper so we will get more sales and overall money In the long run. Another would have to be how we don't have ship stuff far like at all! Also Weave Or Leave gets a whole new market of people that have never heard of our specific brand before, we could start a new hair extension trend that India has never seen before. The challenges my company my face in our location switch from Texas to India is how the people in India may not be fans of our weaves / hair extension products at first but we sure hope they learn to find A love for them just like our American clientele did. Another big issue would have to be the risk of terrorist attacks by ISIS or any other terrorist group that may try to hurt us due to where we from and how absurd our product is compared to the ones that they have over there. By: Matthew Shrand P5
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