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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Mexican President Santa Anna made rules in 1830 and the Texans did not like it so they were angry and that's how The Texas Revolution began LOREM IPSUM DOLOR SIT AMETRtf There was also the battle of Goliad it was in 1836 during the Alamo the Texans had 400 men for the Goliad and they knew that they were out numbered because Santa Anna marched over to San Atonio with over 2,000 men and for the Alamo the Texans had around a 150 men! In 1835 was the beginning of the Texas Revolution it was when the first battle was .It was the battle of Gonzales . Also there was a Gonzales cannon that fired the first shot of the Texas Revolution . In 1836 the Alamo began it took place in San Atonio .In the middle of February this guy in the Alamo the brother of James Clinton Neill was gone to take care of his sick family . So William Barrett Travis took place in charge of the Alamo instead of that guy who left the Alamo. On April 21 , 1836 Sam Houston was attacking the Mexican in the battle of San Jacinto because of the siesta ( a Mexican cultural nap) they were sleeping during the battle and then sudennly the Texans attacked and then he killed half of the mapexican troops and made Santa Anna sign the piece treaty and that was the end of the battle ! The Texans one because lots of the heroes helped The Texas Revolution end .Lots of people lost their lives but then in March 2 1836 they signed the Decloration of independence an then it was all over . The Texas Revolution by Nithya
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