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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Test Anxiety is a form of performance anxiety where a person experiences high levels of distress or uneasiness before, during, or after an examination. Test Anxiety = - Previous failures- Low self-esteem- Competitive environments-Stereotype threats of adolecents andyoung adultshave a fear of taking tests orexams 28.1% The higher the Anxiety you haveThe better performance you give 38.09% people have high or extreme Test Anxiety Affects Mandatory Test Scoring:10/10- Certified Genius9/10- One smart person8/10- Average7/10 and below- you need to pay attention in school 1. What is the capital of Poland?2. What is 1370x7598?3. How many people died during WWI (All nationalities combined)?4. How old is the oldest living person?5. Where did Giraffes originate from? Answer the questions without using any help Based on the symptoms talked about earlier,how bad was your anxiety? How Does Test Anxiety Affect Students Physiological rapid heartbeat, knot in stomach, headache, tension, profuse perspiration. Behavioral indecisive about an answer, going blank, inability to organize your thoughts. Psychological feelings of nervousness, restlessness, or continual doubt. May experience loss of sleep or appetite, sweaty palms, food cravings, and an inability to concentrate Solution READ Before: PREPARE STUDY ASK the teacher s ? During: the directions CAREFULLY Take your TIME RELAX After: FORGET about the test Don't about the test TALK LIST things you think you improved on Answers to Test:1. Warsaw2. 10,409,2603. 60 million4. 1275. Central and Southern Africa
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