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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tentacles Theme: Sometimes you have to keep secrets to keep people alive. Marty wanted to help Grace and Dr. Wolfe recover a giant squid tosave his company and make a lot of money, but Blackwood was not going to let that happen. He sent his best soldier onto their boat toruin their plans and stop them from recovering the squid. So, along theway he meets many important peoplethat help him and stop Butch from stoppingthem. Objective Summary Plot In the first part Marty meets up with his family on the island to sail to the trench where they could find thesquid. They take off and eventuallymake it to the trench, but along the way Butch McCall, Blackwood's inside man creates a little havocalong the way. In the middle of thebook they take off for the squid andmake it to the trench with a few casualties. Marty meets the brainsbehind the plan and they use the new technology he designed to get through the depths of the trench tofind the squid. But Butch isn't going to let that happen. At the end of the book Blackwood sends pirates to take over the boat, but the pirates don't do any good against their newer weapons. So Blackwood sends his men to take over the boat and they end up succeeding with their plan. They take Grace Blackwood's grand-daughter and the dinosaur eggs they got from the other books. But they know they can get themback. Characters Marty: Marty is a 13 year old with a passion for hunting the most dangerous animals and mythical creatures on earth.He and the rest of his family and friends. Marty supports the theme by giving everybody else courage he is a great leader as well. He is the one that finds and captures the squid. By: Roland Smith Grace: Grace is another of the characters of this book she is the the smarter of the 2. She supports the theme by keeping secrets from Marty about their past and that they are brother and sister. Dr.Wolfe: Dr.Wolfe is Grace's dad their family is weir because it's not Marty's dad.He has a company called I-Wolfe which is the company that is going to catch thesquid and get lots of money. When Wolfe gets the squid he will have enough money to keep the business. He supports the theme because he keeps Ted Bronson a secret. Setting The setting is in a trench in theAtlantic Ocean. The setting supportsthe theme because that is where all the action takes place like the battleover the boat and the giant squid theyare trying to catch.
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