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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Serena Williams Health Benefits of Playing Tennis LOGO HERE Playing tennis gets you moving-- and moving is good for the body and the mind Good for the Mind Decrease Your Risk of Heart Disease Lose Weight Losing Fat Running, swinging, reaching, pivoting--tennis can be a real workout with the right opponent. It's a whole body sport,and you can burn a lot of caloriesbecause you are constantly on the move. You burn more calories playing tennis than. leisurely cycling, weightlifting, golfing, dancing or playingvolleyball. Playing tennis has been shown to help reduce body fat. To lose a pound of fat,you need to burn approximately anextra 3,500 calories. American professional tennis player Serena Williams has won over 30 Grand Slam titles and several Olympic gold medals. Tennis requires the brain to be creative,and it involves planning, tacticalthinking, agility and the coordinationof different parts of the body. Heart Disease is the leading cause ofdeath in the United States. Lowering high blood pressure, maintaining a healthy body weight, lowering cholesterol,reducing stress, and being physically activeare key to helping reduce the risk of heart disease -- playing tennis can helpyou accomplish all these things. description here description here description here description here description here description here description here 11% Alison LeMire Period: 1B
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