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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MDG 8 In cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, provide access to affordable essential drugs in developing countries. Deal comprehensively with the debt problems of developing countries. In cooperation with the private sector, make available benefits of new technologies,especially information and communications . Promote the expansion of the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI). Promote debt relief for heavily indebted poor countries facing exogenous shocks from the continuing global financial crisis. Reduce odious debt. The debt burden on developing countries remains stable at about 3 per cent of export revenue, which was a near 75 per cent drop since 2000. Resources available for providing essential medicines through some disease-specific global health funds increased in 2011, despite the global economic downturn. There has been little improvement in recent years in improving availability and affordability of essential medicines in developing countries. Two-thirds of the worlds Internet users are in developing regions, where the number of Internet users doubled between 2009 and 2014.In 2014, Internet use penetration in developing countries grew by 8.7 per cent, twice as fast as in the developed world where its usage rose by 3.3 per cent. Partner more effectively with recipient countries byimplementing the Paris Declaration and Accra Agendafor Action principles on aid effectiveness. U.S. aidprograms increasingly emphasize country ownershipand country-led approaches. To facilitate this,establish a shared definition and criteria for countryownership, focusing on democratic ownership thatspecifically includes a countrys citizens in formulatinga national development strategy rather than simplyownership by the state. This would enhance thegrowing trend of U.S. aid programs that emphasizecountry ownership and country-led approaches.
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